The Hydroponic Vertical Garden

How it Works
The Vertical Grow System is an adaptation of the NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) whereby a shallow stream of nutrient enriched water is re-circulated past the bare roots of plants in a water tight channel.

This is a tried and tested, highly effective growing method used by commercial vegetable growers in Australia to shorten the growing period and maximize plant yields.

The VGS combines nutrient film with a unique adjustable drip flow at each plant site to ensure optimal water flow in the concave bamboo themed design.

The usual complications of over/under watering with a standard garden are completely removed. With this vertical garden, just plug it in and top up the reservoir tank with some water and nutrient and forget about it!

Internal Automated Drip Feeding

Nutrient Film Technique Vertical Garden

Inside the grow channel, is plant root heaven! Dark, moist and oxygen rich.

As pressurized water is gently sprinkled against each plant site internally, each plant receives a constant supply of nutrient rich oxygenated goodness.

This technology is perfect for young seedlings which do not have strong root systems. Simply transplant your seedlings into the mesh pots, plunk them in the holes, and watch them grow!

3381892It’s all about the Oxygen!

Successful NFT systems expose the roots to just the right mix of water flow, oxygen and nutrients. After years of product development, the VGS flow rate has been perfected.

The Vertical Grow System uses a combination of air pump and falling water to promote healthy oxygen content. As the water falls from the upper to lower channels, natural oxygen is created. The flow of water is gentle enough to create a thin film of water at the bottom of each channel.

The oxygen electrically charges the water and allows the roots to extract and absorb nutrients with much less energy.

This allows the plants to spend this energy in photosynthesis, foilage growth and the production of strong root systems for maximum fruiting yeilds.

Healthy Roots, Healthy Hydroponic Plants
Hydroponic balcony gardening

A young plant’s root system should have lots of fuzzy root tips jetting out from everywhere. A healthy mature root system will be strong and fibrous with a thick root mat. Thick, fat white, furry roots…. That’s what the VGS produces.

The root mat develops partly in the shallow stream of
recirculating solution and partly above it exposing the roots to oxygen within the dark grow channel.

Plants grown in the soil are subject to a vast array of soil born fungal and plant disease, insect attack, water deficiency issues and various complications.

Hydroponic vertical gardens provide the plants optimal levels of natural light and airflow as the plants are grown above ground.

With the increased surface area exposed to absorb sunlight together with a constant supply of water, nutrient and oxygen, this translates into healthy, thriving, disease free plants.

Do you want results like this? Checkout our step by step growers guide

75% less Water Consumption
Hydroponic lettuce

In a conventional Australian garden, it is not uncommon to have to water your plants every single day. Soil based gardens require vast quantities of water as it is absorbed very quickly by the earth or evaporated swiftly by the sun if in pots on a balcony.

The Vertical Grow System recycles the same tank of water consumes 75% less water than a standard garden bed.
Join the vertical garden revolution

Hydroponic Tomatoes Vertical Garden

With approx 89% of Australians living in urban areas, higher density living is here to stay. This doesn’t have to mean that urbinites relinquish there food production capacity to the large agribusiness food conglamorates.

Vertical gardens enable self sustainability among city dwellers. You have the ability to grow the highest professional quality produce all year round in your own backyard.

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