Landcare – A Legendary Australian Institution


This legendary Australian institution, represented by the distinctive symbol of the ‘caring hands’, has actually changed the landscape, making it possible for landowners, farmers and guardians to work together at a neighborhood level on regional concerns.

Landcare is a community-based strategy to handling and safeguarding our natural resources– producing more lasting as well as productive farms, saving our atmosphere and constructing more natural and also durable communities.

Landcare is open, inclusive and welcoming, regardless of age, gender and cultural background. Environmental Activities: Bush regeneration and weed control; revegetation; repairing eroding gullies and stabilising riverbanks; collecting litter.

Landcarers job throughout farmland, bushland, park, coastlines, nationwide parks, rivers, dunes, creeks, Crown land, public land, personal land, woodlands, taking a trip supply paths. Landcare is a grassroots motion arranged right into organisations and also teams, some are simply volunteer with half a loads participants while others are significant organisations that use paid personnel and also have substantial spending plans.

On top of that Landcare has actually sustained a variety of teams with administration and also work info as well as targeted difficulty capturing, and also gave a regular monthly ebulletin to all landscape designers & planners and also rlfs to disperse via their networks with existing info as well as chances.

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